GODMODE Night feat. Motion Studies, Eaters, Negative Supply


M O T I O N  S T U D I E S is a new disco-pop act on GODMODE, featuring Tyler McCauley on vocals. For shows, Tyler is backed by a seven-person band, including Tara Chacon on vocals and members of Mr. Dream on guitar, congas, and synthesizers. you can hear "matter of time", the debut single recorded and mixed by Andrew Raposo of <span/>Midnight</span> Magic, here:


and here's an excerpt from "Miss You", live at Silent Barn:


This will be motion studies' second performance.



The newest signee to Joel Ford and Pat McDermott's Driftless label, Eaters is 

an experimental synth act featuring Bob Jones and Jonny Schenke. Schenke's name you might recognized from Parquet Courts--he's produced the bulk of their output, including Light Up Gold.

This will be their debut performance.


N E G A T I V E  S U P P L Y

One of FADER's favorite music of 2013, Negative Supply is Jeremy Krinsley and Nick Sylvester. They make improvised electronic music with a variety of digital and analog synthesizers, drum machines, mixer feedback, and live samples. All sets are recorded live, dubbed onto monophonic cassette, and sold in quantities of ten after the performance. this will be their third performance.



D J  J O E L  F O R D

Joel Ford runs Driftless Recordings, and with Dan Lopatin produced the Autre Ne Veut and Ford and Lopatin records.