Baby's Lanyard of Love 2017

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Baby's Lanyard of Love 2017

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"There's No Place Like Home" 


2017 … Looks like we made it.

Let baby make it all right with free shows all year!


* a few vibes on how it works: 

- the Landyard operates on an email RSVP system. you'll receive a note from us in the new year detailing how that works. 

- we do it like this because we cannot guarantee entry to all y'all for every single show. basically, it's first come first serve when we announce a given show! we generous tho u know dis ;) 


** Lanyards will be available for pick-up at Baby's starting on Jan 1. If you live in NYC, we ask that you please choose pick-up, not delivery. If you live outside of NYC, we'll mail yours out in 2017! 

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